How to activate Nessus on Backtrack 5 – Come attivare Nessus su Backtrack 5 ?


  1. You have to register on
  2. root@bt:~# /opt/nessus/bin/nessus-fetch --register code-that-you-receive-through-email
    Your activation code has been registered properly - thank you.
    Now fetching the newest plugin set from
    Your Nessus installation is now up-to-date.
    If auto_update is set to 'yes' in nessusd.conf, Nessus will
    update the plugins by itself.
  3. root@bt:~# nessus-update-plugins 
    Fetching the newest updates from Done. 
    The Nessus server will restart when its scans are finished
  4. Open the browser on

Well done!

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